Saturday, April 07, 2012

A New Form of Finger Painting

My kids won’t play with me anymore—they don’t choose me as a fun partner these days—but their friends will. And so will my friends.

I’ve currently got games going with three high school girls, as well as a friend from my high school days, a friend from my San Francisco publishing days and our trusted financial advisor. What is it? DrawSomething, an OMGPOP game. And I’m getting alarmingly good at it.

This free app is just one more thing to love about my iPhone. The more time I spend with it, the more I figure out what it can do. But I never dreamed it was possible to do what I can do with my fingertip in a 2" x 2" space.

Once my daughter taught me how to take a screenshot, I collected a few favorites from recent games:


Go ahead . . . tell me I've got too much time on my hands. That's what I used to think of people who spent time playing computer games. But for some reason, I never felt this way about people who spent their leisure time reading books. Hmmmmm.

They say Social Media and computer games with handheld devices take away an integral component of human interaction and that our (and our children's) obsession with it may lead to a form of social retardation.

I contend it's merely social evolution. That I've been able to connect with a few favorites of my daughter's friends (who I don't get to see anymore since they don't let "mom helpers" help in high school and I'm no longer a volleyball coach) is a little social bonus for me. And I hope them. We're having fun.

Further, staying in touch with old high school friends and business associates in this manner has been priceless.

So, as I work from home—managing a business, a soccer team and a writing career—I'm happy to take a few minutes each day to make finger paintings for my friends.

I hope my drawings make them smile. And I can assure you, their drawings  keep me from being such a crab.

Except for YOU Rady. You guess mine too quickly!!!

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sue said...

Hi Michele,

Another talent? Not fair!