Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Hunk Goes For a Haircut

Much as he vowed to never be soulful ponytail man, for our last wedding anniversary I gave him 19 coated hair ties to signify our 19 years of marriage. Today he finally goes for a cut. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, this is his BEFORE photo.

For Your Book Club
Per your requests we have provided relevant questions about the book, the characters and the dynamics of women's groups to help jump start your book club discussions. CLICK HERE.

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club

It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club
By Michele VanOrt Cozzens


From Midwest Book Review: FIVE STARS
"A fantastic piece of writing, recommended."

From Author Robin Meloy Goldsby: FIVE STARS
"I think Cozzens has herself one heck of a screenplay here. She would have actresses lined up to play all of those wonderful roles. Think of it this way: THE WOMEN meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. But with a Rattlesnake Valley twist.

From Armchair Interviews: FIVE STARS 
"Cozzens has put together a fun novel. Yet it isn't simply humor. There are real problems discussed and dealt with-particularly alcoholism, but also infertility, job loss and personal insecurity. She deals with the problems in a manner that feels quite realistic, like these women could be anyone's neighbors."

From Reader Views: FIVE STARS
It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club is tons of fun, although at times bittersweet, and I would recommend it to all of the female readers, especially those who have a number of colorful friends. As for husbands, they might want to pick up a copy as well - and they just might learn what their wives do on girls' nights out..."