Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ACL Diary: Scars Can Be Beautiful

Willow sat for senior portraits a couple weeks ago. Since she was born in Wisconsin, spends summers in the woods, and has every intention of going to school in this state after she graduates, the property surrounding our Northwoods home was the ideal setting for her session.

Kudos to Lauren Kerwin of Rose:Life Photography for capturing all the beauty (of both Willow and the woods) with her camera.

Lauren shot hundreds of photos with multiple outfit changes, and provided a USB drive with our choices. Frankly, there are far too many from which to choose. She narrowed it down to her top 25, most of which were on our list too.

Finally, I believe I've found my favorite. Aside from Willow's cute smile, twinkling blue eyes and the wind gently blowing her beautiful blonde tresses, I like that it shows her ACL surgical scar(s) on her right knee.

Willow Gayle Cozzens at Sandy Point
Without question, Willow's ACL injury, surgery and recovery played a huge role in her life thus far. I think it's fair to say she has made a complete recovery; however, the experience definitely changed her. For example, I don't think she defines herself first and foremost as a soccer player any longer.

She still plays, still loves the game, still plans to attend camp at UW Madison next month. Yet when it comes to her future, her main focus is now on academics. And the results of this focus should, God willing, enable her to get into most any school she chooses to attend.

Willow has not let her injury or her scars define her. She has risen above this brief setback and used this episode in her life as a learning experience. I believe it has made her an even stronger and more formidable young woman. She's shown us that not much is going to get in her way.

So, for those of you who are worried or concerned about the scars after ACL replacement surgery, understand that wounds do heal. And I think it's a fair assumption to say that Willow's scars are NOT the first thing anyone notices when looking at her.


Susan Francino said...

That kind of injury can really change your life. :/ But from what I can tell, she took it in stride and became a beautiful, strong, diversified young woman! Congrats to her. :)

I absolutely agree with you--scars CAN be beautiful. They are a symbol of strength and challenges overcome. And even if that weren't the case, Albus Dumbledore sold me on scars a long time ago: "Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground." haha :)

Anonymous said...

Scars remind us of just how far we have come!

kellie | lovely golf resort said...

These incidents serves as a lesson to all of us that life must go on and this shouldn't be an excuse to stop ourselves from living the life that we used to be. She look so happy in this photo! I admire her for that! :)