Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fake UGG Boot Update

The fake pink boots are still sitting in a box in our living room, awaiting a paid mailing label to China. I really want these Fuggly things out of our house. But they won’t walk away on their own.

Our crackerjack financial advisor, Nina, and credit card disputes caseworker, Love, took care of crediting our account. Now we await the paid mailing label to return them to China. According to Visa disputes, the Internet company has 45 days to redeem itself. Today, however, I didn’t receive a label. Instead I received this message:

Dear customer
        Sorry for the inconvenience,you placed an order on our website cheapuggboots-forwomen.com   on Jan  26 ,the products is a pair of Air UGG Classic Tall Baked Clay   US-8 . The order was sent out, and it was signed .
But we found the bank chargeback the transaction,   could you contact the bank to cancel the  chargeback, then we can process u 70% refund ,thank you so much.wait for your reply

Best Regards

Visa Disputes called this letter a “form of harassment.”

To me this whole experience is more a form of pain-in-the-assment. Consider this message on the website’s home page: “You can shop with confidence knowing that all our designer products are guaranteed authentic plus our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.” This is not only untrue and fraudulent, but it’s also laughable.

Nina and I both had the same reaction to the letter. “Un FREAKING believable.” Obviously “Angela” still doesn’t understand the meaning of guaranteeing a customer’s 100% satisfaction. She’s getting closer with this 70% offer, but still fails to acknowledge that what was ordered (baked clay) was NOT what was sent (brick red). And this, of course, doesn’t even take into account the fact that they’re fakes.

The UggAustralia.com website now lists cheapuggboots-forwomen.com as a known counterfeit website. Since counterfeiting is illegal, I can’t help but wonder what notice or transaction Angela and her company will find next. It will hopefully cost them far more than a mere chargeback for a pair of pink boots and a mailing label to China.

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